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About the Book

Anthony (Tony) Goins has created a love letter to his new home, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Prior to moving to Lincoln in August 2014, he had heard Nebraska called a “fly over state” and knew little of what to expect culturally. The expectation set was that Nebraska was as flat as it was unremarkable. Tony was immediately received by Lincoln’s tight-knit business community and given the warmest welcome he'd ever experienced. Every day since has only confirmed what he saw in the community's reception:


There’s something in common with most of the business leaders who have built themselves up from Lincoln; there’s something in their blood that’s made their family companies successful.


Tony’s broken it down to the following:

1. A strong, agrarian-based work ethic (many of the business founders Tony has met are just one generation removed from the land).

2. An entrepreneurial spirit.

3. A dedication to build their business here in Lincoln, where the ground is fertile in terms of location, people and character.

4. Tenacity.


To put it simply, Tony will tell you, “There’s just something in the water of Lincoln, Nebraska!”


Tony proves this concept in the book by interviewing 20 of Lincoln’s business founders (or their successors). Every chapter covers a company and uncovers not only their history and keys to success, but also how they deal with challenges, like financial crises, and how they’ve given back to the Lincoln community.